Controls:  W, A, S, D: move E: Pickup weapons when near them Left-click: fire

Every objective claimed will spawn a weapon near it and sometimes a heart.

Thanks to: Oxydius and relativeevil (Newgrounds) Oxydius and gamesDisk (

Since yesterday: - better UI for main menu and "nicknames". -balanced weapons. - hit particles now  - movement speed and damage scale with score. - ennemy movement speed scale over time. - new mob: demons - new weapon: magic wand - musics for both menu and in-Game (thanks to oxydius: - weapons and particls despawn over time (not heart) - weapons need a key to be swap

Feel free to ask features ! And see you tomorrow :)

Links: send assets (sprites, sounds, musics...): check the development: my twitter:


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Making the UI bigger will help. The menu at the start is a bit confusing to what each of the buttons do. After a while I think I can guess

1. Look for character

2. Race of Character

3. Weapon.

But it took me a little while to understand what was happening. 

Ok i will work on that !

Proud of my 53 highscore, i guess world record for now, good game, even if at some point you also have to avoid the weapons on the ground.

Thank you and done for weapon