This game is about worg strange creature that invade our medieval earth... 


  •  Kill all humans.
  •   Protect your cores from humans.  


  • Harvester : able to harvest and pickup resource from dead human.
  •   Core : can produce resource from nothing (except his life). 
  • Worm : offensiv specimen with high mobility and attack. Keep growing endlessly.
  •  Tower : High health and range. it emit powerful projectile when mature.  

Controls :

  •  W, A, S, D : move the camera
  •  mouse wheel: change the size of order area. 
  • space : core enter in autophagy mode producing resource but at cost of some life
  • left click : spawn the selected unit 
  • right click: give order to all worg in the area (the pink one)


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I think that Worgma womb(core) should be much bigger! You can look at peyote cactus' photos for more visual details. And one more unit suggestion: a slow slug, who covers the ground with slime which is toxic for humans and scare them away. Such unit was available for protoss race in the first chapter of StarCraft. Would love to see it in that purple+acid colors of worgrians )